Top 3 Benefits of Dyno Tuning
February 20, 2017

Why Try Dyno Tuning for Your Car

Why try Dyno tuning?  It is a sophisticated, systematic way of tuning up an engine, to give it the best, smoothest and most energy efficient performance. The first stage of a dyno tuning service involves identifying any concerns that the driver currently has with their vehicle – while a human isn’t as accurate as a computer when it comes to identifying problems, that driver feedback can be valuable in that it will highlight any areas where the engineers would need to focus their efforts. If a human is reporting poor mileage, lack of power, or difficulty starting a car, then it’s clear there’s an issue at that stage.

After that initial interview, the next step is a visual inspection of the vehicle to find problems such as broken vacuum lines, damaged plug wires or carburettor issues. These can be the source of many problems, and can also offer clues as to where other, deeper issues might lie. Never underestimate the value of human feedback.

dyno tuning

Following on from that inspection, a dyno tuning service will look at individual parts. There are some common problems with older engines. For example, drivers might overlook the type of spark plug that was supplied with the engine when it was new, and replace it with a generic one that operates at the wrong temperature. This can cause problems with starting the engine.

Next, comes the more sophisticated parts of the tuning process. The distributor is removed and thoroughly tested, and then modified to tweak the vacuum advance and the centrifugal advance rate. These tweaks can greatly improve the power and the efficiency of the engine. Unlike many other testing and tuning services, we test the distributor under actual loaded conditions, so the calibrations that we can perform are as accurate as possible and reflect what you will feel when driving.

Finally, we test the car itself on a dynamometer, while monitoring the carburettor. This allows us to get detailed, real time feedback on the performance of the vehicle so that we can improve the fuel efficiency and the real-world handling of your vehicle. The entire tuning process takes about seven hours, so you can drop your car off in the morning, and pick it up after a day out or a day at work. So, why try dyno tuning?  Because we’re confident that you’ll find that it handles like a brand new car – and offers the performance of one too!

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