Everything you need to know about mobile roadworthy certificates

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January 23, 2016
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February 22, 2016

Everything you need to know about mobile roadworthy certificates

DNS automotive mobile roadworthy certificates inspections (or mobile safety certificates) are carried out in all areas between the Brisbane northern suburbs and the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. The certificates are a requirement in most of Brisbane except the remote and rural areas. Auto mechanics who are licensed by the department of transport and main road come to your car wherever it is and issue safety certificates which were formally known as roadworthy certificates.

This inspection entails checking the basics that influence the safe functioning of the vehicle such as brakes, lights, windscreen, tyres, suspension, steering, damage or body rust. The purpose of issuing a safety certificate is to provide buyers better protection. When buyers purchase a vehicle that has a safety certificate meaning that it had undergone a safety inspection before it was availed for sale, hence, the buyer has the peace of mind knowing that the vehicle is roadworthy. On a larger scale, this ensures that there will be fewer unsuitable vehicles on Brisbane’s roads, reducing the possibility of accidents due to defective cars.

In Queensland, it is a requirement that a person must acquire and display a safety certificate on the window or windscreen of any registered light vehicle as soon as you put it up for sale. These vehicles include caravans, cars, trailers, motorbikes and any other vehicle that weighs less than 4.5 tonnes. You can only sell a car without a safety certificate if it is unregistered or if you are trading it to or between motor dealers or if the car is being sold for restoration or parts after you have deregistered it.

A safety certificate must be current. It is usually valid for 1-2 months depending on whether you are a dealer or a private seller. This certificate can only be used for one transfer meaning that once a car has been sold, the new owner cannot use the same safety certificate if they decide to sell it again.

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