Mobile Roadworthy Certificates Brisbane And Why You Need One

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August 31, 2015
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November 1, 2015

Mobile Roadworthy Certificates Brisbane And Why You Need One

Mobile Roadworthy CertificatesHaving your car inspected and issued with a roadworthy certificate is of paramount importance for anyone when selling a car. In Brisbane, there are many authorized mechanics that can inspect your car and issue you with a safety certificate that was formally known as a roadworthy certificate. They can come to your home or workplace no matter where it is located within Brisbane or its surrounding northern suburbs such as Redcliffe, Morayfield or the Sunshine Coast. This exercise is aimed at ensuring that buyers acquire a roadworthy vehicle which will ultimately curb road accidents that result from faulty vehicles.

And what exactly do the inspectors check for the roadworthy certificate?

Well, they conduct a thorough inspection and check the tyres, steering, brakes, lights, windscreen, suspension, and body rust or damage. They also inspect the seat belts and oil leaks. This process can take roughly forty five minutes. Once they are satisfied that the vehicle is safe, they issue its owner with a written certificate indicating that the vehicle is safe to be used on the road. However, if the vehicle fails to meet the standard safety requirement, the owner is given 14 days to repair the car and have another inspection done.

If you are wondering when it is necessary to have your car inspected then wonder no more. Ideally, the law requires you to get your car inspected if you are considering selling it and the vehicle is registered. If you are a private seller, your safety certificate is going to be valid for up to two months after issuing and 2000m. On the other hand, motor vehicle dealers roadworthy certificates are valid for a longer period of three months or 1000km depending on what comes first. However, if you are selling your car for spare parts or it is unregistered, you won’t need to get a mobile roadworthy Certificates Brisbane.

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