Get Your Brisbane Mobile Roadworthy Certificate Today at DNS Automotive Mobile

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November 1, 2015
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November 22, 2015

Get Your Brisbane Mobile Roadworthy Certificate Today at DNS Automotive Mobile

If you live anywhere between the northern suburbs of Brisbane and Sunshine Coast in Queensland and are in need of a mobile roadworthy certificate, there is no better place to get one that DNS Mobile Auto Mechanic. We have been providing them to drivers for many years and you can be sure that we will provide you with one in a short time. In fact, clients who call us early in the day are able to get their certificates before the end of the day. If you are not able to call us early no problem call us in the afternoon and we will inspect your car so that you can have your roadworthy certificate early the next morning.

Our clients choose us because we are fast and efficient. Once they come to us they know that they will get everything they need in one stop. Our inspections are very thorough and we go by the stated guidelines. We make sure that every car meets the required standards before we issue mobile safety certificates in Brisbane.

One of the questions which our clients frequently ask is what happens if their vehicle fails to pass inspection. If yours does, dont worry too much about. The state of Queensland allows you 14 days to fix whatever problems you car may be having. And the best news is that we have trained and experienced mechanics that will repair your vehicle and get it back in top form and ready for re-inspection.

We like to remind our clients that it is a must to get mobile roadworthy certificates in Brisbane before you sell a car. In fact, if you fail to get one you could face stiff penalties. If you are selling your car call us and we will come to you, do the inspection and then issue a mobile roadworthy certificate.

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