Regain Power and Performance in Your Car with ECU Chip Tuning

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February 22, 2016
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Regain Power and Performance in Your Car with ECU Chip Tuning

ecu chip tuningThe old saying that one size fits all definitely does not apply to vehicles, though manufacturers believe it does. This has opened up a secondary market for car modifications from cosmetic to computer chip tuning. The trouble that most car owners face is finding qualified technicians that are skilled in this type of work. ECU chip tuning is not for the “shade tree mechanic” and is more complicated than mechanical repairs and upgrades. Driving your car should be fun but the stock setup from the manufacturer is not optimised in the least since they are going with the lowest common denominator for the onboard computer tuning. Manufacturers do this because most car owners don’t follow the guidelines set in the owner’s manual, or use substandard fuels, which can damage the vehicle over time.

DNS Automotive, an approved Superchips ECU dealer understands the needs of performance vehicles and how to best setup the onboard computer system to allow greater performance. Basically, the restrictions set by the manufacturer, ones that are limiting your cars performance and entertainment value, are removed and new, better settings are then used. No matter what type of motor you have in your car, petrol or diesel, ECU chip tuning can improve performance, mileage and make your vehicle fun like it should be.

You vehicle has hidden potential, potential that is purposefully restricted. ECU chip tuning improves not only fuel economy and overall performance, it can improve acceleration (great for when you need more power to pass slower drivers). While driving in town you may notice your vehicle is changing gears quite often, this is a problem that can potentially be fixed with ECU chip tuning from DNS Automotive. By improving in town performance you will save money in the long run, eventually paying for the ECU chip tuning procedure, thusly putting more money in your pocket.

Benefits for non-turbo petrol cars include, but are not limited to, up to 10 percent more overall power and enhanced response when you hit the gas pedal. How many often would that come in handy in your daily driving? For most people, quite frequently.

For turbocharged petrol cars the increase in overall power is up to 20 percent and up to 25 percent increase in midrange torque (want to pass a slower driver then you want this). ECU chip tuning is coordinated with turbo boost pressure and remapped ignition timing. These changes do not affect the reliability of the engine in any way.

Turbo diesel cars see even more performance and fuel economy improvements when using the DNS Automotive ECU chip tuning solution. The life of the engine is not shortened with these improvements either.

Car enthusiasts know what they want out of their car, which is surely part of the reason the modification market is so huge. Manufacturers are just out of touch with this market and offer no real solutions, which is why DNS Automotive offers the Superchips ECU chip tuning service. You deserve more power, more fun, out of your car.

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