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Dyno Power Runs

This is where the car is loaded onto the Dyno and we perform a run for example from 1500 RPM through to 7000 RPM at full throttle in fourth gear. This gives us a Dyno graph and shows the torque and power that the car produces within that RPM range. We can also gather other data at this time depending on the vehicle including air fuel ratio and injector duty cycles. From this data we can also give you feedback on the level of performance and how much it might compare to another vehicle and we can also use this information to assist in diagnosing faults and gremlins with the vehicle.

Dyno Tuning

During Dyno tuning, we perform many Dyno runs. In between these Dyno runs we are making small changes to the setup and configuration of your car. Runs are performed between changes to measure the difference that our alterations have made. Dyno tuning can only be performed if there are changes that can be made. In some vehicles there is very little that can be changed and in others there is much more. On the same token there are solutions and products available from DNS that allow us to make these adjustments where otherwise it might not be an option. Call DNS Automotive 07 54994404 to discuss what options are available including plash ECU upgrades, interceptor ECU’S and complete replacement & programmable ECU’S.

Dyno tuning your car allows us to test and adjust your car’s settings in a controlled environment where the slightest of changes can be measured.

All types of cars old and new can benefit from Dyno tuning. Typically from dealership, most even new cars are in a state of miss-tune. Factory tunes are conservative to account for poor fuel and inconsistent conditions allowing for a range of tolerances that today’s cars are delivered with.

Older cars may also go out of tune due to damage wear of component’s and failing sensors etc. On the DNS Dyno¬†road speeds and loads be replicated in an environment where adjustments can be made and measured in the pursuit for maximum response, power and economy. Only a DNS Dyno test can genuinely show the performance changes from your A/C or headlights being turned on and off – it is that accurate.

A custom Dyno tune at DNS will improve not only the day to day performance of the vehicle but also reduce your fuel costs saving you money in the long run. This will in turn help to save the environment by reducing harmful greenhouse gases and your carbon footprint.

Remember a powerful tune is an effective one!!!

How can you benefit from a Dyno Tune?

More Power

Increase Fuel Economy

Increased Throttle Response

Maximum Reliability

Greater Torque Spread

A periodical visit to the DNS Dyno can also check and log the performance of your car, check your speedometer for accuracy, diagnose faults in real time, replicate real world conditions and perform new engine run-in procedures.

Call DNS to discuss your needs today, we specialise in tuning virtually all makes and models, including carbretor and EFI systems. Call today on 0754994404 to discuss your next project or drop us an email at [email protected]

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